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Maximize E-Commerce ROI

Introducing Pipit, a hosted solution that increases retail e-commerce revenue by giving your customers the ability to build custom product collections and share those collections with friends.

Create. Connect. Convert.
Pipit creates a virtuous cycle of shopper interaction that increases average order size, stimulates repeat visits, and fosters social marketing.


Pipit adds a new dimension to your e-commerce site, giving shoppers the ability to create custom product collections.


Shoppers post collections, comments, ratings and ideas to share with other shoppers at your site or with their friends via Facebook, email or IM.


Pipit uses real-time shopper interaction data to drive the user experience, creating a virtuous cycle of increasing utility and value.

Our Solution
Pipit offers a complete solution to help retailers improve the user experience and increase site ROI.

Making the Connection

A Unique Social Commerce Solution

Pipit offers a complete — and unique — social commerce experience.

  • Collaborative, real-time collection builder
  • Popularity and suggestion engine
  • Share outfits to Facebook, email, and IM
  • Administration portal & analytics

Easy to use. Easy to deploy.

Intuitive User Experience

Pipit is easy for shoppers to use, and easy for retailers to deploy.

  • Drag-n-drop interface requires virtually no learning
  • Deployed easily using javascript on client site
  • Easy to integrate with an existing site or Facebook
  • Hosted solution, cost-effective to manage

Reaching out to Shoppers

Extend Your E-commerce

Pipit gives you the ability to reach out to shoppers where they are, and drive greater engagement and higher revenue.

  • Mobile rich-media ad experience
  • Micro-site and landing pages
  • Event-driven marketing campaigns
  • Location-based outreach

Maximize E-Commerce ROI

Dynamic Merchandising

Pipit generates unique data that can be harnessed to make smarter merchandising decisions.

  • Records product information and user interaction
  • Demand modeling, optimization, customer segmentation, and more
  • Create dynamic groupings of products
  • Optimize cross-selling and revenue opportunities
  • Unique
  • Easy
  • Effective
  • Smart

Our Clients

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